It’s Time to Ring the Changes at Healthright

Could a co-operative be the future for your local health food store?

Would you like to be a part of that future?

What would be the advantages of a co-op?

If customers want to retain this type of facility in Chesham in the long term, forming a co-op could provide more stability than leaving it to the whims of one or two individual business people.

The co-operative model is really suitable for a health food/wholefood store, which is essentially a community resource anyway.  Being a co-op gives an enterprise stronger roots in the local community.

Although a co-operative business needs to be financially viable, it does not always need to make a profit, and is better placed to work with other local agencies, especially in the health field.   It can also be a more inclusive resource for all groups in the local community.

The skills required for running a small business become increasingly sophisticated and diverse for just one or two people to be able to cope.  By the nature of things, it is often too expensive for small businesses to hire in these skills.  Such required skills could be available from amongst the individual members of a co-op.

Look out for more on this subject in the New Year.

If you would general information on co-ops in the UK, it is worth looking at the website of Co-operatives UK: especially the Simply Startup booklet which you can download free and includes individual co-op case-studies (

If you already have an interest in co-operatives and think you would like to be involved in this project from the early stages, please email Roger Oliver at  Roger would love to hear from you.

A small development group of customers and staff has been meeting to discuss the project.