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Our competitive prices are maintained into Spring 2017 on the following lines

Aloe Pura  Aloe Vera Juice Original/Cranberry 1L                                  £9.50

SGK Glucosamine 500 mg and Chondroitin 400 mg

120 capsules for the price of 60  £17.50

Optima Coconut Oil 500ml                                         £7.95

Healthright Saw Palmetto 1250mg  vegetable capsules

60 for £5.50

Lifeplan Glucosamine Sulphate 2000mg 90 tabs


Lifeplan Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg 90 capsules

2 for the price of 1  £10.20

Brita Maxtra Water Filter Cartridges                                     4 for the price of £17.50




A selection of current price promotions


The Health Store  Apricots 500g  £2 SAVE £2.79

Cocofina Coconut Water 1L             ONLY £3

Reinder Soft Organic Licorice (Vegan)       £1.59 SAVE 70p

Organica Creamy Marzipan Dream (Vegan)           80p

Organica Chewy Apricot Dream (Vegan)                  80p




Faith In Nature Shampoos & Conditioners 400 ml

£3.00 SAVE £2.50


Quest Vitamin C 1000mg timed release       240 tablets                         £19.95

Quest Super Once A Day Multivitamin & Mineral  90 tabs           £13.99






Subject to availability and whilst stocks last

All prices are inclusive of VAT



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