New Products

NEW FOR 2018

The big development for this year so far is our range of Well Fresh Vegan lunch items.  This includes Sandwiches, Wraps and Salads, all of which are suitable for vegans.  The wraps are proving particularly popular.  They include Falafel and Houmous and Chilli & Cheese and four other varieties.  Falfal Salad is proving popular, and there are five more salads in the range.  There are seven varieties of sandwich, three of which are on wholemeal bread, and the remainder on 50/50 white bread.  We have menu leaflets available, and can accept special orders of items.

Other new ranges include a selection of teas from the Hampstead Tea Co. They are offer tea  bags with no plastic and no metal staples and cotton string.  The brand is rated Best Buy by Ethical Consumer magazine.




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