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New Opportunities to Reduce Plastic Waste at


We now offer a small range of

Food Refills

Initially this will be just 14 products available from gravity feed dispensers that are positioned at the front of the shop near the till area.

Products offered include grains/cereals, seeds and nuts (i e no dried fruit at this stage).

Items available are: Porridge and Jumbo Oats, Muesli,  Short grain Brown Rice, Basmati Brown Rice, Red Split Lentils, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Brazils, Cashews and Broken Walnuts.  By the beginning of May we expect to offer wholewheat pasta fusilli and penne too All  products are from organic farming.

The idea is that customers bring their own containers that will initially be weighed empty and re-weighed with the product inside.  Paper bags are, however, be available.

This new facility is a major addition to our range of products that are helping you to reduce the amount of plastic you use.  We have been refilling Ecover bottles of washing-up liquid, laundry liquid and fabric conditioner for many years.  We recently introduced refills for Faith in Nature shampoos conditioners and body-washes, and we can now refill Bio-D washing up liquid and laundry liquid.